4 Highlighters for Glowy Spring Skin

22 Feb 2018

Hello everyone, I have recently been loving wearing highlighter and came to the realisation that I seriously needed to share these highlighters with you lovelies. Personally I like a subtle highlighter that I can build up to a more glowy highlight, and I feel these highlighters I have been using recently work really well for both subtle highlight lovers and 'poppin' highlight lovers. I think the reason why I love a subtle highlight for everyday is because I really don't enjoy when you can see that really distinct line between your contour and highlight, but I mean if you love that then you go guys n gals!!

Firstly, I'm going to start with the Benefit High Beam. This one costs £21.50, now you may be thinking this is a little pricey for a highlighter, however, it lasts for the longest time. Now this highlighter is a liquid highlighter and is probably one of the most subtle highlighters out of the four. I would say that this highlighter has a lovely light weight consistency and feels so nice on the skin because its not heavy and doesn't feel cakey at all. This highlighter is perfect for everyday because it catches the light really nicely and just in the right places and can be built up for a more glowy highlight.

Another highlighter I love, especially for an evening highlight is the Balm Mary Lou Manizer. Now this highlighter is a powder highlight and one of the first highlighters I owned as is one of the best! The pigmentation is just amazing and the colour is so pretty and one that I could imagine would look amazing on all skin tones. This one is a little less expensive than the Benefit one, costing £16, which for a higher end highlighter is pretty good. I feel like I prefer this one for when I am going out in the evening if I want a more full coverage look. This has the nicest texture and is not chalky or cakey at all. Oh and its also great to use as an eyeshadow too. 

Next up is the Barry M liquid chrome Highlighter drops in the shade 'At First Light'. Now I love this highlighter, not only because it is rose gold, but because it is perfect for a day time look and a night time look. I would say this is one of the most pigmented products I have ever used and you honestly need the tiniest drop of this product to look super glowy. Now you may think such a pigmented product may look a little cakey, but as long as you blend it out really well it looks incredible on the skin. For only £6.99 I think this is a must have in anyones highlight collection.

And last but not least is the Benefit What's Up highlighter stick. Now this one I have hear is just a little mini tester that I received in the beauty Christmas Advent calendar. However the full size does cost £25.50, but I could imagine it lasts a very long time.  I have used this nearly everyday since before Christmas and I can tell you it has barely gone down at all. I just love this because it is great for everyone, whether you like a strong highlight look or just a subtle highlight look. I love the fact you can build this up to be a really 'poppin' highlight, but I also love the fact I can use this in the day time and it give a really nice subtle glow. I also love the colour and tone of this highlighter and think it would look amazing on all skin tones too. 

All in all, I love every highlighter and could not chose a favourite because I love them all for different reasons. I think they all work really well for a buildable and subtle highlight look and all look amazing for any occasion, whether it be for work, everyday wear, cocktails or going out!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!! What are your favourite highlighters? xx

My Everyday Spring Make Up Routine | New Video

21 Feb 2018

Hello everyone, today I filmed another weekly video for my Youtube Channel and I thought I would share with you My new video. I decided to film my everyday spring make up routine because I always enjoy wearing pink toned eyeshadow and fresh dewy skin with a little more highlighter.I really enjoyed filming this video, please to leave any suggestions to videos and blog posts you would like to see in the near future.

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Watch the Full video down below...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and video!! see you next time xx