My skincare routine & How I 'try' to keep my skin clear

15 Jun 2017

Hello everyone, today I thought I would share with you my skincare routine and how I try to keep my skin as clear as I possibly can. 

Make up removal: To prevent spots and dirty skin I always try and make sure I remove my make up before I go to bed because I just hate the feeling of it on my skin and also having to wake up in the morning and do it then. So, I use the Garnier Micellar oil infused water to remove any eye make up. This one is great if you wear waterproof mascara, as the oil helps remove it really well. 

Washing my face- when it comes to washing my face, I always used to try out loads of face washes, masks and cleansers, but Ive come to the conclusion that I think whats best for my skin is to just wash my face with water. Since i have been doing this I have noticed spots stay away for longer and i'm not irritating my skin with any new products.

Toner- I don't tend to usually tone my face using a cotton pad but i love this toner water from lush, I feel it makes your skin feel so refreshed a that little more cleaner.

Moisturise- I have tried tones of moisturisers and love the Nip and Fab one, however, currently I am using the simple anti-blemish moisturiser which is great because its so lightweight and settles in the skin really quickly. 

Tan- Instead of wearing foundation I have been trying to tan my face, as my face is always so pale and I thought instead of layering foundation on my face I would let the sun get to it instead. I think  the best decision i have made is trying not to wear foundation on a daily basis. I feel this is what has gotten rid of any under the skin spots I had on my forehead. However, I do still wear a little foundation if I am going out for drinks or dinner. I have been using the Garnier no streaks bronzer which is great because it leaves such a natural glow to the skin. I also find it helps the sun tan my face too!!

Spot Treatment-Whenever I have any spots appear I will always take some Sudocrem and apply it to the spot and it will nearly always get rid of any redness and reduce the spot in size. I found this worked so much better than any other spot treatments I have tried.

Drink water- this is probably one of the most important steps to clearer skin and i would highly recommend it!!!  

What are your skincare tips?

Cheltenham Food Festival 2017

12 Jun 2017

 Hello everyone, this post is a little photo diary of the things I got up to this weekend! myself and Sam decided to take a look around the Cheltenham food festival! I try to go every year as they have so much great food and drink that you just can't find anywhere else. We tried loads of different types of food and ate amazing Thai curry, which I have every time I go because it's amazing. If you are into great quality foods then take a trip down to the food festival next year!! So, here are some photos I managed to take, I hope you enjoy!

Thankyou so much for reading, I hope you enjoy! see you next time xx